aktor-faktor Modifikasi Model Utaut Yang Mempengaruhi Keputusan Konsumen Dalam Mengadopsi @wifi.id

DADUK MERDIKA MANSUR, Indrawati Indrawati


Abstract--- Internet access becomes popular in Indonesia and PT Telkom is the biggest operator wifi internet access in Indonesia nowadays. PT Telkom has main target and will need fund for about US$ 200,000,000.-. This is a very significant investment that hopefully it can improve revenue. On the other side the revenue does not meet the target and only reaches + 25%. Regarding to this situation and hope to grab big demand on internet access customers, there is a very important way to conduct research about consumers’ behavior of @wifi.id users. Using the insights from an extensive review of literature and the discussions with people from the operator there is a conceptual model that fit for consumers’ behavior. That model is called Unified Theory Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT). In this research the UTAUT model is modified to match with the real conditions. It is named modified UTAUT model and in this research it is used to predict behavior intention of the @wifi.id use in Indonesia. From this model the Behavioral Intention (BI) of user is influenced by several independent variables. They are Performance Expectancy (PE), Effort Expectancy (EE), Social Influence (SI), Facilitating Conditions (FC), Price Value (PV), and Content (C), of which influence are moderated by Age (A) and Gender (G). The next step is Behavior Intention (BI) influence to Use Behavior (BU). This research result shows that R-Square for this model is 0,548 and from the result of running smart PLS informs that four independent variables (Social Influence (SI), Price Value (PV), Content (C), Performance Expectancy (PE)) give positive significant influence and two variables (Effort Expectancy (EE), Facilitating Conditions (FC)) don’t give significant influence to Behavior Intention (BI). This research also shows that Behavior Intention (BI) gives positive significant influence to the Use Behavior (BU) of @wifi.id user. Regarding to the result of this research, the recommendation point for the operator @wifi.id is that PT Telkom should create the program that will impact to the usage of @wifi.id. The program will cover and strengthen several aspects, including the connectivity, the content and the community. To realize these programs PT Telkom must improve the maintenance system and the system itself which develops new content that is needed by @wifi.id users and also to strengthen and to develop @wifi.id community.

Keywords : @wifi.id, wifi Services, Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology;

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