Factors Affecting Interbank Adoption (A Case From Link Of Indonesia)



The Country of the 13th rank Internet users is Indonesia. This has an impact on the use of electronic services (e-channel) via the interbank network by the banking industry, particularly the relation with the use of link building services is still limited to customers of Mandiri Bank, BRI (Indonesia Republic Bank), BNI (Indonesia State Bank) and BTN (State Savings Bank) amount of 147 million transactions in 2013, or 14%. Therefore, there are several factors the use of interbank network services that are not yet understood in Indonesia that must be investigated, especially concerning the adoption of inter bank network services. Thus, the research can be known accurately by UTAUT2 Modified model of Venkatesh & Xu, 2012 concerning the consumer tendency to use information technology to the explanatory power through questionnaire data collection of 220 valid respondents, data processing with tools SmartPLS 3.0. so the behavior intention of interbank network services is predicted amounted to 74.2%. But the lowest approval level of security and privacy is Link, using the private network as a attention from Link to Users to be safe and secure their privacies.

Keywords: Technology Adoption, Interbank Network Link, UTAUT2 Modified, Indonesia.

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