The Analysis Of Organization Performance Using Balanced Scorecard In Jabar Banten

Widi Hatian, Herry Irawan


In the era of rapid business competition, the company is required to take
strategic step to compete at any state. The company should be able to distinguish
itself with others. Thus, company’s competitive advantage becomes indispensable. In
recent years, most companies use traditional performance measurement that focuses
only on financial sector. Performance measurement with this system can lead the
company to the orientation that only focuses on short-term profits and tend to ignore
the continuity of company in the long run. Therefore, this study is intended to
measure the whole performance using Balanced Scorecard, which has four
perspectives to measure the company performance.
The type of this research is sequential exploratory, which is a combination of
qualitative data collection and analysis, followed by a phase of quantitative data
collection and analysis. This research covered performance analysis of PT. Bank
Jabar Banten throughout four perspectives of Balanced Scorecard. The four
perspectives are financial perspective, customer perspective, internal business process
perspective, and learning and growth perspective.
Primary data collection was used to measure customer satisfaction in
customer perspective and employee satisfaction in learning and growth perspective,
and the rest used secondary data collection. Analytical Hierarchy Process was used in
weighting process on each perspective and its variables. The standardization is
needed to create a standard scale of each variable that being used. The standardization
was done by using Snorm. Populations of this research were customers and
employees of PT. Bank Jabar Banten, and the sample was 400 customers and 100
employees of PT. Bank Jabar Banten.
The research result shows that PT. Bank Jabar Banten obtained the final score
at 82.45, which is categorized as good performance. In the future, this score can be a
standard for PT. Bank Jabar Banten if similar research occurs.

Keyword: Analytical Hierarchy Process, Balanced Scorecard, Bank Performance
Measurement, Snorm Normalization

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