The Effect Of Factors That Influencing Online Brand Trust On Site Applecoast Clothing

Seruni Salsabila, Tjahjono Djatmiko



This study examines online brand trust and its influencing factors in the specific context of online
service retailing on site applecoast clothing. To conduct an empirical investigation a survey of
400 customers was conducted using a questionnaire that its reliability by using Cronbach's
Formula was examined and its valid because the value of the correlation coefficient of each
statement item is greater than r table of 0,361. Accordingly our hypotheses that security, privacy,
quality of Information, brand Name, WOM and perceived Risk have significant influence on
online brand trust. Our hypothesis is being tested in terms of mentioned variables, on online
customer in applecoast clothing. Validity and reliability tests and causality analysis (multiple
regression analysis) had been conducted. According to the results of this study, security, privacy,
brand name, quality of information, word of mouth positively influences online brand trust.
Findings also have shown that perceived risk does not have a significant effect on online brand
trust. This study provides insightful understanding of consumer’s online brand trust.

Keywords: Security, Privacy, Quality of information, Brand name, WOM, perceived risk, online brand

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