Implementation Of The Klik Quick Application As A Service Delivery Order System To Create Value Propositions On The Business Model Canvas (case Study In Kedai Lanbau)

Dian Mustawan, Eka Yuliana


Abstract The phenomenon of the development of online shopping in Indonesia which is enlivened with various types of products, online shopping activities are beginning to increase in the Indonesian community. A large number of startup pops up every year and its users are very fast in Indonesia. One of them gave birth to PT. Klik Quick Indonesia, which is engaged in order systems in collaboration with Kedai Lanbau. The purpose of this study is to examine the delivery order system applied in Klik Quick is able to create a value proposition of the business model canvas in Kedai Lanbau. This study used qualitative research methods. The technique of collecting data is done through observation, interviews, and documentation. Interviews were conducted on 3 informants at PT. Klik Quick Indonesia and Kedai Lanbau also documentation, data obtained from the media and directly by the author. This study focuses on the value proposition of the business model canvas which consists of 11 dimensions in its application. This research can be used by the Klik Quick application as a review of the process of creating value propositions on the canvas business model in Kedai Lanbau. Keywords : business model canvas, value proposition, delivery order system

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