The Effect Of Service Quality Towards Customer Satisfaction On Mobile Telecommunication In Indonesia

Dhafin Khairullah Putra, Indira Rachmawati


Abstract Telecommunications is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means and refers to all types of voice, data and video transmission. Nowadays, peoples are getting more concern about their needed. The firm has to know what customer want, what the customer needed. In telecommunication sector, people prefer the well-known brand so it is necessary for companies to know the how significantly the service quality influence the satisfaction of the customer. Indonesian people are tend to change their card to get the cheapest price of the internet data that the provider gave. It causing a Churn Rate of 20% each month because of it. The objective of this research is to analyze factors in an integrated model which involves Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, Complaint Handling, Convenience and Network Quality. This research used data from 400 samples using non probability sampling of judgement sampling. The result revealed that reliability, empathy, convenience, and network quality influences customer satisfaction where empathy is the most significant variable that influences customer satisfaction. The model is categorized as moderate model thus new variables may be added to the model and encouraged to focus on app based online shopping. Keywords : Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Telecommunication

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