The Influence Of Training On Employee Performance At Pt. Simpatindo Multimedia West Bandung

Dinno Ramdhani Januar, Fetty Poerwita Sary


Abstract Human Resources become one of the most important assets in a company to achieve organizational goals. In an effort to improve the quality of human resources, one of the way that PT. Simpatindo Multimedia West Bandung do is to create a training program. The training focused on the implementation of work and the implementation of certain tasks in order to improve the performance of employees who are still not stable. The desired outcome of the training is to increase the performance of employees in the PT. Simpatindo Multimedia West Bandung. This research is quantitative research. The type of this research used is a descriptive and causal method. The purpose of this study to determine the effect of training on technician employee performance at PT. Simpatindo Multimedia West Bandung. This research used saturated sampling. Data collection was done by distributing questionnaires to 45 people. It’s used simple regression as its data analysis. Based on the result of simple linear regression analysis, training improves employee performance amounted 0.619. Training affects employee performance amounted 42.7% and 57.3% influenced by other factors. In the t-test results, training has a significant influence on employee performance. Keyword: human resources management, training, employee performance

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