The Influence Of Training Towards Nurse Performance In Emergency Unit At Cibabat General Hospital

Shafira Kurnia Rudiyanto, Fetty Poerwita Sary


Abstract Human Resources (HR) is one of the critical assets in the institution, as well as partners of hospitals in carrying out every activity because they produce and carry out work. Hospitals have goals and objectives to be able to obtain maximum profit and quality human resources. Therefore, human resources play the most important and potential role for the success of a hospital considering that human resources are determinants of hospital activities in planning, organising and decision making. To realise it all, one of the efforts that can be made by the Hospital to improve the quality of nurses is by conducting training or training. The purpose of this study was to find out how the training and performance of nurses in Emergency Unit at Cibabat General Hospital according to nurses' views and to determine the effect of the training provided by Cibabat General Hospital on nurse performance. This research is a quantitative study involving 50 respondents as a sample. The method of data collection is done by distributing questionnaires that use a 5-point Likert scale. The statistical analysis technique performed is descriptive analysis and simple linear regression analysis to test the hypothesis by using SPSS for Macbook v.22 for processing the data. Keyword: Keywords: training, employee performance, hospital.

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