A Factor Analysis Of Consumer Purchase Decison Of Paid Games Application In The Appstore Of Iphone

Dimaz Pranata Rizaldi, Trisha Gilang Saraswati


Abstract Apple App Store was founded in 2008 and has accommodated a variety of applications that includes Free apps, Paid apps, and Freemium apps. App Store provides a variety of app categories that best describes its users. Gaming apps are the most popular apps among the other types of application based on availability. This study aims to find out what encourage consumers to do buying decision on paid games applications in the app store of iPhone. The method used in this study is quantitative with the type of descriptive analysis research. The types of data needed for this study are primary data and secondary data. Sampling is done by non-probability sampling method type of purposive sampling with the number of respondents taken as many as 100 respondents of Apple app store paid games users. Then for the analysis technique using factor analysis and processing data using SPSS version 24 software. Based on the results of testing the hypothesis as a whole, all factors of paid games application in app store customer decision are included in the good category with the acquisition of an average value of 72,9%. Of the 29 factors that have been studied, 9 new factors have been formed which represent the previous factor in encouraging App store paid games application buying decision. These 7 factors consist of: Customer Expectations with a percentage value of 9,490%, Paid Games Quality with a percentage value of 9,383 %, Social Impression with a percentage value of 9,170%, Affordable Price of Paid Games with a percentage value of 8,113 %, Paid Games Ratings with a percentage value of 7,727%, Free Alternatives of Paid Games which has the 7,726%,Communications with a percentage value of 5,604% of variance As for the iPhone Appstore, the improvement is needed for all variables. The most affecting variable is the game ratings, so the improvement on the ratings such as let the users knows how to reach with the developers will contributes the biggest advantages for iPhone Appstore. Keyword: Factor Analysis, Purchase Decision, Paid Games Application, iPhone, Indonesia

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