Sharing Business Model Compass for Indonesian Sharing Economy’s Business Entities

Dion Nurfadhilah Benardi, Andry Alamsyah


The increasing quality of internet network causes the emergence of internet-based businesses. We witness the
emergence of business that provide the way to optimize idle assets to generates new values for both asset
owners and users. These business runs sharing economy principle, where they provide two side services for
individuals to earn money from their private idle assets and for users who needs to use the assets. Until now,
there are no specific model to describe the business elements in this kind of economy. So, we will introduce the
tools called Sharing Business Model Compass which can be used to describe the business elements in the sharing
economy. For the case study, we analyse a creative hub’s business model using sharing business model compass.
After being analysed, it is found that the effective way to charted a business model for businesses within the
sharing economy is using sharing business model compass. The result is our research object fulfil all the six key
elements of the sharing business model compass.

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