Embedded System Design Requirement For The Natural Disaster Early Warning System


  • Sony Sumaryo Telkom University


Abstract—Indonesia is the country with the most volcanoes, meeting many very active continental faults. In addition, the condition of the forest which began to be much deforested, much river siltation and environmental destruction. By looking at such conditions it is appropriate for Indonesia to have an automatic early warning system and can be monitored remotely. One such approach is the application of an integrated Embedded System with a reliable communication system. In the embedded system that is being made, as a processor using the ATMega 328 microcontroller. ATM 328 is an output microcontroller from Atmel which has a RISC architecture where each data execution process is faster than the CISC time operating system and reactive computing implemented in a program structure (using C programming language) in a Main Loop with added functions there are several functions for processing existing raw data sensors, then setting the sensor data format to be ready to be sent to the center control through communication modules. To find out the performance of the system that is made in accordance with the application of natural disaster early warning a trial test or measurement of the main parameter is needed.

Index Terms—Embedded System, design, requirement