Header Detection of 5G Mobile Base Station for Wireless Disaster Recovery Networks


  • Ikhfan Ammar Rangkuti Telkom University
  • Khoirul Anwar


Abstract—We consider a 5G mobile base station supporting natural disaster recovery networks, where multiple waveform detection is required. In this paper, we propose a practical signal detection using header of the transmitted signal called header detection. The proposed header detection is used in recovery network on disaster area where needs high accuracy signal detection with simple algorithm. We perform a header detection using the cross correlation and capture effect algorithm. This paper considers header detection using Hadamard codes with size of 16×16 which is usually use as header codes on data packet because their length sizes are extendable and guarantee low computational complexity. We found that the capture effect algorithmcanimprovetheaccuracyofheaderdetectionevaluated by mean square error (MSE). Index Terms—Header detection; Heterogeneous waveforms; Disaster recovery networks;