Outage Performances Of 5G Channel Model Considering Temperature Effects At 28 Ghz


  • Matsna Nuraini Rahman Telkom University
  • Khoirul Anwar Telkom University


Abstract—The 5th telecommunication generation (5G) is expected to be deployed worldwide in 2020 including Indonesia for future better services using 1-100 GHz band, which is sensitive to the environments. For optimal 5G deployment in Indonesia, this paper studies 5G channel model based on software simulation by considering the influence of temperature, where Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia, is chosen as a representative location for the 5G channel model. We consider a frequency of 28 GHz, which is one of the golden frequencies for pratical 5G applications. From the model, we obtain Power Delay Proï¬le (PDP) representing the 5G Telkom University channel model. Based on the PDP, this paper calculates the outage performances to predict the 5G performance of Indonesia regardless any 5G technologies used, since the outage performance is based on the theoretical Shannon channel capacity limit for a probability of error asymptotically small (close to zero). Index Terms—5G Channel Model, Temperature, Power Delay Proï¬le, Outage Probability, Capacity