Outage Performances Of 5G Channel Model Considering Humidity Effects


  • Reni Dyah Wahyuningrum Telkom University
  • Khoirul Anwar Telkom University


Abstract—The ï¬fth telecommunication generation (5G) is predicted to be deployed in 2020, where high frequencies of 1–100 GHz expected to be utilized are causing high attenuations. We consider communications under a 5G channel model for operating frequency of 3.3 GHz with bandwidth of 60 MHz based on 5G New Radio (NR) standard. In this paper we propose a 5G channel model based on Telkom University realï¬eldenvironmentsunderhumidityeffectsderivedusingcomputer simulations for 5G NR implementation in Indonesia. The channel model is represented by the Power Delay Proï¬le (PDP), which is conï¬rmed by outage performance of Telkom University 5G channel model. Index Terms—Power Delay Proï¬le, Outage Performance