Study On Ofdm Numerology 4 Of 5g New Radio (Nr) Under Indonesia 5g Channel Model


  • Kumara Panji Atmaja Telkom University
  • Khoirul Anwar Telkom University


Abstract—With data transfer speed expected around 20 Gbps, the ï¬fth generation of cellular communication (5G) New Radio (NR) is estimated to serve services interconnected to all heterogeneous wireless networks. However, several optimal parameters are not yet known, such as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) size, cyclic preï¬x (CP) length, block length, coding rate, and bandwidth that suitable for Indonesia. This paper proposes study on 5G NR technology performances using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Numerology 4 under Indonesia 5GChannelModeltoservevariousapplicationsof5Gtechnology infuture.Thispaperinvestigatesthecharacteristicsofbandwidth distribution and parameters for the application of 5G NR for OFDM Numerology 4. The results show that with parameters of OFDM Numerology 4, the 5G channel model has 13 paths which the outage performances are derived for coding rates R = 1/2 and R = 1. Index Terms—Cellular Communication, 5G New Radio (NR), OFDM Numerology, Indonesia 5G Channel Model