Array Mikrostrip Antenna With Triangular Patch Using Dgs Technique For Mimo 2x2 At Frequency Of 15 Ghz


  • Raihan Anshari Telkom University


Abstract—This paper proposes MIMO antenna for 5G communications. The antenna proposed in this paper is mimo 2x2 antenna using triangular patch. The antenna works at a frequency of 15 GHz. This paper use the DGS method with rhombus shape. The material used is Duroid Roger 5880 with ↋r = 2,2 and a material of thickness 1,575 mm. Based on the simulation results, this antenna have bandwidth greater than 1 GHz over than frequency 14,5-15,5 GHz, and gain of 9,8 dB with radiation patterns is uni directional.

Keywords—MIMO antenna, triangular patch, DGS method.