The Relationship Of Layout Design And Advertising Model Attractiveness


  • Retno Hendariningrum Telkom University
  • Kartika Ayu Ardhanariswari Telkom University


Print media advertising is a form of advertising that uses physically printed media such as Kartini Magazine has a function to convey the message and offer products or services from producers to consumers with targeted segmentation particularly female readers. In an advertisement has elements that include illustrations, text and colors or arranged in such a way in a composition layout. This study departs from the issue of the importance of creativity in the layout in an advertisement that the reader or consumer interested in the ads. The research problem is then formulated on how the layout of cosmetic ads in Kartini Magazine issue of August-December 2012. The goal is to enrich the wealth of Communication Studies, especially with regard to the creative aspects of advertising through print advertising layouts with the ad content analysis. Research on cosmetics ad layout on Kartini Magazine is using qualitative research methods, with a descriptive content analysis. After doing research on the magazine ad layout Kartini, it can be concluded that the overall design layout in the ads has a visualization (main visual) are dominant, with the arrangement of letters that varied between headline, body copy, and baseline. Dominance type of layout in cosmetics ads that show the type of layout Jumble composition compiled some images and text on a regular basis. Then ad also uses Face Type Sans Serif for readability level high.

Keywords : Magazine, Layout, Cosmetics Advertising