The Development Of New Media Art In Indonesia


  • Wicaksono Wicaksono Telkom University
  • Satrio Hari Telkom University


Art can not be separated from culture. Cultural changes in society will affect the development of art, either directly or indirectly. Conventional media has become an icon in the long history of art no longer able to accommodate the said artist expression and style appropriate to the demands of the times, until then the artists creatively started integrating the arts with other disciplines as part of the creation process. Art no longer play in its own territory, but began to collaborate with other disciplines, it is then triggered the development of new media art such as video art, kinetic art, sound art, web art, robotic art, and so forth. New media art opens up the possibility for artists to come out of a long tradition that binds them. Now not just canvas and clay media only serve as a place for self-actualization, but a lot of media that can be used depending on the needs, goals and means of communication used for his artists. Indonesia did not escape from this. The development of contemporary art in this country positively squirming with many artists who later explored by using a medium that was originally located outside the arts. A search of new possibilities without loss of identity.

Keywords: New media art, Innovation, Indonesian, Contemporary art