Creative Economy And Anthropology Of (Post) Development: Tourism Development Based On Indonesia Local Communities


  • Imam Setyobudi Telkom Univeristy


The first question that arises is how the tourism industry in synergy with creative economy can afford to build the economic welfare of the local people who live in remote villages and are isolated? The local people consisting of peasant, fisherman, and forest people who are in remote inland and seaside are relatively untouched civilizations. Anthropological approach offers perspectives and paradigms of post-development in accordance with the principles of the creative economy along with tourism industries that favor the interests of local communities that have been marginalized and ignored. Tourism industry only benefit a handful of parties consisting of businessmen travel agents and airlines, travel agencies, employers (owners) hotels and cottages, culinary entrepreneur, businessman entertainment venues (discotheque, pubs, cafe, bars), and the actors art professionally managed by the event organizer. Local people which only viewers who watched the object alone. The second question arises how attitudes and government policies keep their interest and whether the goverment dare to stop contract their interest against the attraction of capital abundance of (gains) along with forces outside along with forces outside the government (private entrepreneurs, conglomerates) are stronger and capital controls. How the ideal model of order, regulations, and legal to keep local people to their benefit for the lives welfare and survival of their future?

Keywords: creative economy, post development, local comunity, anthropology, tourism