Studies Of Visual Interaction Of Game Towards Student Creativity In Design Work

Deni Albar


The phenomenon of the video game existence in Indonesia today is growing quite rapidly. In Indonesia, game through video is better known by the term 'Video Game' or 'Game'. The term 'game' is often addressed by some communities in Indonesia for a game through a video display such as Playstation, Nintendo, PC and so on. The existence of a video game in Indonesia is supported by the many places the game or often referred to as ‘Game Center’ or ‘Rental PS (Playstation)’. Of the many gamers, among of them are the college students. The interaction between the players and the visual objects in the game at least provide a picture of the idea of reference in forming a visual design artwork. Ideally, users of the game among the students, especially the Department of Design students, can make the game as one of the media references in the work. Causal relation that happen as well as how the game influenced college students in the work, are an interesting thing to study. The approach used in this study is a qualitative study with causal comparative research methods. The method is performed by identified the relation between the work produced by the students with possibilities for game-related causes. Areas of research carried out in Bandung and Visual Communication Design students as a case study. Results of the study indicate there is a correlation between students work and the game that they played.

Keywords: Games, Work, Causal-comparative, Creativity, Student

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