Discourse Beauty Of Women In Television's Advertisement


  • Ira Wirasari Telkom University
  • Siti Deshinta Telkom University


Women-owned beauty can establish uniformity and bring them to the properties around itu.Discourse beauty and femininity of women simply can not be separated from the construction of a patriarchal culture that gave power to men to provide recognition of women's femininity. Women are always looking for recognition of femininity over men, so this will also influence the position of women in society and also in the advertisements on television. The method used in this research is to use descriptive method, which aims to describe systematically the facts or a particular field factually and accurately, this method also uses semiotic analysis. Semiotic analysis is used to give an idea of the visual appearance of the women present in the medium of television advertising. By using a socio-cultural approach, the authors will examine the unique beauty of Indonesian women displayed or used in the advertising based on socio-cultural background that developed in Indonesia. Beauty Trend women are generally more influenced by socio-cultural background. Associated with beauty trend of women deconstructed through the medium of television advertisements today, it can be concluded that the use of women with unique beauty of women in Indonesia, such as brown-skinned ranging widely used by both advertisers as an advertising model as well as its brand ambassador of a particular product.

Keyword: Women, Advertising, Televisons.