Creative Coffee Packaging Technical + Aesthetic


  • Anny Valentina Universitas Tarumanagara


In creative industry era today, packaging needs to do much more than protecting the product its contains, beside protecting, packaging must preserve and promoting its contains. Packaging will represent one item among many thousands displays on a generic shelving. As a designer we need to take different approaches to creating branded packaging for a product. Many of the local Indonesian industries now didn't do a lot to facing these situations. We all know that Indonesian coffee bean is one of the best coffee in the world. Now, we face a lot of coffee products with outstanding packaging, but when we see our local coffee packaging it will soon displace by import product just because it cannot compete the visual packaging. By collecting, analyzing local coffee packaging samples, and make recommendations for the visual (layout, color, typography, illustration nor photos) hope will give contribution to Indonesian coffee industry.

Keywords: packaging, display, brand, visual, aesthetics, creative