The Study Form And Function Of Kebaya Sunda In The Present Context


  • Rika Nugraha Telkom University


This research study findings regarding the form and function of kebaya Sunda in Present Context . The problems studied , how kebaya Sunda shifting functional, aesthetic, and material in the present context ?. Secondly, how kebaya Sunda design development so that the lower new sub design of kebaya ?. Third, are old patterns kebaya Sunda is still maintained after it had been developed ?. The purpose of this study: First, kebaya Sunda knowing who have progressive design, functional, aesthetic, and material. Secondly identify development kebaya Sunda so get new sub design of kebaya, third knowing old patterns kebaya Sunda still maintained after it had been developed. The method used in this study is a qualitative method of interpretive approach to the analysis of cultural transformation that occurred in the Sunda region, and its influence on the development of fashion design as a traditional kebaya Sunda women both theoretically and practically. The data obtained through observation, interviews, library research study documentation whose validity can be accounted for. Results from this study that the shift function kebaya has varied in the present implementation, not just in the context of the existence of kebaya, kebaya Sunda yet been made as a means of commodities and competitive for the connoisseur and businessman kebaya Sunda. Kebaya Sunda no longer function as a complementary fashion for formal events, penetrated as a vehicle for creative young designers in existence kebaya Sunda . The development of a more aesthetically kebaya Sunda refer to specifically look at the material used. A material shift in kebaya Sunda experiencing rapid development , such as the lifting of local cultural motifs in kebaya Sunda perform.

Keywords: Form and Function, Kebaya Sunda, Present.