Challenges Faced By Accessory Entrepreneurs In Accessories Production In Swaziland


  • Mantyi Ncube B University of Swaziland
  • Shabangu H University of Swaziland


Accessories are items worn with garments to create and enhance a complete outfit. When accessories are worn, or co-ordinated with apparel they have to complement the wearer's look. However, accessories need to show creativity and style on their own, before they are collaborated with clothing. The purpose of the study was to assess the challenges faced by the accessory entrepreneurs in their production of various accessories for purposes of selling at Ezulwini Handcraft Market, in Swaziland. The specific objectives of the study were to: determine challenges faced by accessory producers; identify ways accessory producers could use to improve the marketing of their accessories products; and, to determine strategies to improve the accessories’ production for business sustainability. The study was a descriptive research design; the sample size was 66 accessory producers who were selected systematically. A face-to-face semi-structured interview was conducted to collect data and its validity was checked by four experts in the Consumer Sciences Department. The instrument was reliable as its coefficient was 0.74 and the data were analysed using SPSS version 20. The results revealed that the challenges faced by accessory producers had a strong impact on the creation of accessories, as they resulted in the production of similar and less creative accessories. The results further revealed that finding an expert in the accessory business to teach the accessory producers the different techniques of accessories production would enhance the accessories production. In conclusion the accessories producers at Ezulwini Handcraft Market were challenged by the lack of relevant knowledge; and, funds to start and expand the businesses, as well as lack of supply shops around Ezulwini area. Furthermore, they did not advertise their products. Recommendations were that finding an expert in accessory production to teach the producers different techniques of accessory production would instil creativity in their approach of accessories design and production; and also, having a supply shop around Ezulwini area as well as creating a website for purposes of advertising their products would be beneficial for their businesses.

Keywords: accessories production, business sustainability, vendors and producers, creativity in design, entrepreneurs, challenges.