Design Of Fashion Product With Dayak Basap Visual Locality For East Kalimantan Society

Yosepin Sri Ningsih, Pindi Setiawan, Zaini Rais


Sustainable lifestyle has been unwittingly common practices in rural areas as seen in the villages of Bengalon District, East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan Province. The villages are mostly inhabited by Dayak Basap Tribe. The living area of Dayak Basap is dominated by the tropical rain forest and karst hills. Dayak Basap living system relies on their environment. The environment and their way of life affect the cultural values contained in this tribe. One of which is their visual characters values realized through ornamentations. Some of them are known as Akar Mompong, Beringin Duduk, Rungga-Rungga, Wakaroros and Pucuk Rebung. Sustainable living theme which has become their rural lifestyle is the main background for this research. This fact needs to be presented into urban society whose often difficult to implement a sustainable lifestyle, such as in our fashion. This research focused on designing a fashion product which utilizes the concept of natural determination. Therefore the product would be a coherency between the Dayak Basap local ingenuity with modern urban needs. Thus, it would be an alternative fashion filled with local character and concurrently put forth sustainable lifestyle factors for communities of East Kalimantan.

Keywords: fashion product, natural determination, Dayak Basap, East Kalimantan

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