The Influence Message Of Telkomsel Loop Advertisement "Jangan Asal Internetan" Version Against Vigilance Of Social Media Users


  • Eka Darma Sinta Telkom University
  • Ira Wirasari Telkom University
  • Sri Nurbani Telkom University


A lot of advertisement providers that offer easy internet access inflict the growth of social media users increasingly limitless and cause cybercrime. Looking at the phenomenon and the opportunity, Telkomsel Loop launched an advertisement themed digital campaign "Jangan asal internetan". This research aims to determine the meaning message that contained in the advertisement using visual semiotics methods and find out how the effect of the advertisement against the level of social media users awareness using facet model of effect method. The data research is the meaning message that contained in the advertisement of Telkomsel Loop is show off become pesky which representing social media trend this day.