Media Campaign Design For Introduction Of "Gendang Telu Sendalen"


  • Crist Angga Pratama Tarigan Telkom University
  • Sonson Nurusholih Telkom University


Gendang telu sendalen is one of the Karo's ensemble, which in ancient times it is often used in various such as healing procession, funeral, housewarning, wedding, etx, However, lately the existence of this traditional ensemble. There are several main factors that lead to the disappereance of traditional music ensemble, for example, they think that the music is considered boring, monotone, and old fashioned. Therefore, to reignite the interest and awareness of young people for this Karo's traditional music the strategy and media campaign are needed. The methods used in data collection are observation, interview, and literature study. The data obtained are then processed by a SWOT analysis as the basis for creating the strategy of "Media Campaign Design for Introduction of Gendang Telu Sendalen". Campaign strategy used is by creating a video shown on the socialization of the Gendang telu sendalen. In addition the supporting media used are poster, billboard, gimmick, and others. this campaign is expected to help raise awareness of the young generation to keep, love and preserve Karo's Gendang telu sendalamen.