A Product Potential Development of Semarang Local Batik through Optimalizations of Planting Areas of Indigofera and Mangrove as Natural Coloring Materials, on the Attempt of Regional Economic Improvement (Case Study: Sentra Batik (Batik Center) Gunung Pati, Semarang, Central Java)


  • Fajar Ciptandi Telkom University


This research focuses on potential development of a community by utilizing existing natural resources potentials such as indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria) and waste of mangrove plant (Rhizophora Apiculata), to be used as natural coloring raw materials on batik industry in Gunung Pati, Semarang, Central Java. In addition, there is also conducted a design development on local batik center (sentra batik). Those attempts are conducted in order to improve local potentials that are still not optimized, which it is in accordance with environmental issues and global community interest on sustainable products that have local values. Result of this research is a model/road map of a comprehensive system which thereafter can be implemented to related community. The system implementation is expected to help the community to be able to anticipate market demands with high quality products and in order to be competitive through the products‟ overall design and quality. Through Inspective Intuition method, this research will be conducted by directly dealt with the objects and issues that are being researched as well as explore on problem solving of existing issues. It is also assured that through this research, it will give supporting skills and knowledge to the community to manage their environment. In addition, the community wil be able to produce high quality natural coloring material independently as well as to make final product creation – batik – that has local signature and also to give a positive contribution for their environment. Thus, through this research, it is expected that along the awakening of small and medium industrial activities, there will be economic improvement for local community, so that it will also help national economic and creative industry.

Keywords: Product Development, Local Batik, Gunung Pati, Indigofera, Mangrove