A Mixing Of Pekalongan Batik And Tulle Fabric For Fashion Product

Arini Arumsari


Batik Pekalongan is one of renowned batiks in Indonesia with its beautiful and fascinating varies of motif and colors. Since batik producers always dynamically follow the changing times, trends as well as accept other cultures’ influence come to the city, therefore the products are rich with a mixed of varies of motif and colors. In the other hand, tulle fabric, or commonly said as tile, is one of popular fabrics to be used as a raw or additional material for kinds of fashion products. Because of its unique characteristic, tulle fabric has a great potential to be more beautiful when it is produced optimally. Therefore, a mixing of two kinds of fabric with different characteristics is performed. It comes with deeper visual analysis pertaining to the origin and development of the fabrics with literature review, field observation and survey. While experimental method is used to mix both fabrics. This research aims to socialize Pekalongan batik and tulle fabric and dig more its potential, so that by exploring both fabrics through mixing, it is expected that it can maximize the fabrics’ potential and improve the quality as well as good aesthetic value of each of the fabric and its mixture to enrich kinds of qualified-high-classtextile-material for fashion product.

Keywords: Batik Pengalongan, Tulle, Rekalatar

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