Creative Strategy Analysis Of Fitbar Advertising "Snacking With No Worry" To Consumer Perception


  • Khansa Febru Prastianingtias Telkom University
  • Gandara Permana Telkom University


To achieve marketing goals, ads have to persude the consumer with give some attention to th presented message to make an interesting advertisment, it takes creatice strategy and creative tactic. Fitbar presents visualization of nutritions figure warns 20 years old consumer about obesity risk on their age. the obesity can be caused by teen's snacking behavior without pay attention to the snack nutrition. this research explains how the creative strategy works on Fitbar advertising "Snacking with no worry" abd how consumer perception to this creative strategy. the analysis is based on advertising, creative strategy, Visual Communication Design and Facet effect of model theory. The result of this research is Fitbar present their advertising message well and it can be understood by the consumer. However, Fitbar fail in its creative strategy to build consumer perception of Fitbar as safe and healthy snack.

Keywords: Advertising, Creative Strategy, Fitbar Ads, Message, Visual Perception