The Paradox Of Photography In The Digital Culture


  • Mira Sutrisna Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Setiawan Sabana Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Pribadi Widodo Institut Teknologi Bandung


Photography never lies, The statement of Bourdieu can just happen in the era of analogue photography, as in analog technology, photography reveals the results of visual form in actual reality. With the discovery of digital cameras photography experiences a change of identity and also a process of ' lethal ' analog photography. In this digital age, it can be artificially information package on a ' space ', that is open to various forms of fraud, forgery, player-invert facts and distortions. In short the world electronic digital information currently is the world's ' not credible ', and no longer has any relationship with reality (hiperreality) not authentic because it is ingested by the world's developed technologies by fictional image

In this contemporary era, photography has evolved and is evolving and also has undergone a process of ' metamorphosis ' of an authentic documentation tool, a tool that can be sold to satisfy the desire of the party each time without celebrating anything. Paradox photography occurred due to attraction between photography as a laden payload that is natural (authentic), yet at the same time is also loaded cultural payload, which is adapted to the needs of politics and business of photography today. In the dialectic between photography as a perfect illusion, with photography as an indisputable reality, then the problem appears depending on the needs and utilization of appropriate media in the use of the photography, which is in line with the psycho-social changes in today's society. Advances in information technology and digital cameras in the future allows for changing the face of photography towards more sophisticated or vice versa, photography would die and is replaced by a new, more promising media perfection of the visual appearance of an image.

Keywords: Photography, Digital, Identity, Reality.