Web Design Application For Fashion Product Marketing In The Era Of New Wave Marketing (Case Study: Fashion Brand Of Jersey Lacey, Bandung)


  • Widia Nur Utami Bastaman Telkom University


Lace, as one of the latest fashion trends, now comes in more creative design. Jersey Lacey, a youth fashion brand that produces lace as its product’s raw material, takes this opportunity. This trend rapidly spreads all over Indonesia through internet and along with the presence of Web 2.0, which thereafter creates a new culture of “global village†where its people are called as netizen (internet citizen). Since the beginning, Jersey Lacey sells its product by online, as a form of awareness to the effect of the presence of global village. Most of Indonesian youths nowadays, especially Jersey Lacey’s main marketing target, are netizen. Netizen love to communicate and share through internet and gadget. This habits create New Wave Marketing era, a new era in marketing, where marketing and sophisticated technology of web 2.0 support each other, with human as the main focus. Based on the said two phenomenons, lace fashion trend and New Wave Marketing era, researcher is interested in doing a research on both phenomenons’ relationship, especially pertaining to Jersey Lacey’s web application design concept as its main utility to market its product, so that it can adapt with the New Wave Marketing era.

Keywords: Fashion, New Wave Marketing, Web Application