Inventory on Motif of Traditional Batik Tulis Gedhog of Kerek Community, Tuban Sub District, East Java


  • Fajar Ciptandi Telkom University
  • Agus Sachari Bandung Institute of Technology
  • Achmad Haldani Bandung Institute of Technology
  • Yan Yan Sunarya Bandung Institute of Technology


Abstract: Kerek, in Tuban Sub District, East Java is an area of typical field farmer community which has a tradition  on  making  traditional  weaving  fabric  named  gedhog,  which  thereafter  decorated  uses  batik  tulis technique.  Every  sheet  of  the  fabric  has  its  uniqueness  of  which  distinguishes  the  fabric  with  fabric  from other  areas  of  Indonesia.  Looking  at  to  its  characteristic,  this  fabric  of  Kerek  community  apparently  is  a cultural artifact represents value and meaning towards the culture through its visualization it is shown. The aesthetics  shown  on  the  batik  fabric  specifically  relate  closely  to  the  community's  knowledge  on cosmological  and  aesthetical  concepts.  Therefore,  through  art  and  design  disciplines  approach,  by  using visual morphology method, meanings contained in a sheet of fabric will be explained through a set of studies on its visual elements such as: motif, decorations, composition, and color. Data collection focuses on visual material, and object. Thus, it is expected that this inventory will be able to classify traditional motif on batik tulis  gedhog  along  with  the  meaning  contained  in  it,  to  enable  future  motif  development  to  refer  to  the original motif on this classification, that has been long clinging among Kerek community. 

Keywords: Gedhogan, Inventory, Kerek District, Motif, Batik