The Potential Value of Marbling Technique on Creative Industry


  • Aldi Hendrawan Telkom University
  • Kiki Rizky Soetisna Putri Institut Teknologi Bandung


Marbling  technique  was  originally  applied  as  a  decoration  on  paper  in  Persia  around  the  15th century, as the development especially in the fashion industry, the technique is now beginning to be applied on  textile.  Some  designers  got  interested  in  this  technique  and  apply  them  on  high  fashion  and  high  value accessories. This research will parse potential of marbling technique especially in the fashion industry as a part of the growth of the creative industries in the country. This research uses qualitative descriptive method with  the  literature  study  approach  and  practical  research  in  the  form  of  feedback  and  review  of  the practitioner. 

Keywords: Marbling technique, Fashion, Creative industry.