Creating Place Identity Through Historical Atsmosphere, Case Study: Toko Roti Sumber Hidangan


  • Andreas D. Handoyono Telkom University
  • Setiamurti Rahardjo Telkom univeristy


Braga is famous commercial area since the Dutch-colonial era, located in a historical region of Bandung, Sumber Hidangan is on of commercial functions in Braga that preserves the authencity of its design since its first operation in 1929. Witch the premises tha the historical aspect holds an important role in creating place attachment; and that place attachment also contributes to creating place identity, this study aims to find out the role of physical elements in creating historical atmosphere in order to maintain the identities for visitors. The study is performed in qualitative framework, implementing a case study approach. The method focuses on periodic observations a the studied object by looking for traces as suggested by Gehl (2013,p.240). As a result, it is concluded that the aunthencity of a place that is maintaned properly inspires the users to protect the place as they protect their identity. Troughout several mino renovations, Sumber Hidangan has succesfulyy maintaned the identity by keeping the authencity of historical atshmosphere of the place.

Keyword: Place Attachment, Place-identity, interior space, Historical Atshmosphere