Visualazations of Wayang Characters In Comics (Case Study: Bima and Arjuna Characters in The Arts of Ardisoma, Teguh Santosa and Is Yuniarto)


  • Mohammad Isa Pramana Koesoemadinata Telkom University
  • Dimas Krisna Aditya Telkom University


Abstract:  Comic is a popular art with significant socio-cultural impact in Indonesia, through decades.  One of the most prominent genres of Indonesian comic is wayang stories, based on the traditional arts of wayang which frequently retold Indian epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana.  In accordance with the passing of time, visual  styles  of  wayang  comic  also  changed.    Each  comic  artist  of  different  generations  exhibits  different visual  styles  that  also  indicated  their  references  and  reinterpretations  on  wayang’s  charaterizations  and storytelling.  Using modified Art Critic methods, this paper will analyzing and comparing the visual styles of three  comic  artists  which  represent  three  generations,  focusing  on  their  visualization  of  Arjuna  and  Bima characters.    The  analysis  results  indicates  that  the  visualization  of  wayang  comic  continuing  to  develop  in accordance with the readers, society in general. 

Keywords: Wayang, Comic Artist, Visual Style, Generation, Characterization