Social Campaign Design for People Awareness of Civil Registration Records in Regency of Bandung


  • Ranie Christy Sudibyo Telkom University
  • Mohammad Tohir Telkom University


Record is an important document that is made to be pertinent parties concrete evidence for administrative management. Each stratum of society has role to manage record, such as saving and keeping records. In some reality here is lack of people's understnading about the important value of record managament such as improper storage, and various kind of upredictable disaster that causing record breakage, and losing the record. Moreover, the effort that has been done by Badan Perpustakaan dana Kerasipan Daerah Provinsi Jawa Barat through public's records in Regency of Bandung. Based on his phenomenon, there is need of social campaign design to give an education about the important value of hacing a civil registration record and its management. This social campaign design can be held through data collecting by observation, interview, and literature sutdy and two kind of analysis. Social campaign design for people awareness to civil registration revords is expected to give enchanment of people awareness about the record importance, and its management, so as the orderly records can be created.