Visual Identity Design for Temas Village in Batu City


  • Ikolar Viola Clasic Tabeta Telkom University
  • Maria Apsari Sugiat Telkom University


One of the cities in East Java province that become a tourist destination is Kota Batu. According to statistics of visitors archives of Tourism and Culture Kota Batu, there is an increase of visitors over the last five years, but tourist arrivals dominate the artificial travel by 80%, compared to 19% natural travel and religous toursim !%. Kota Batu has the potential to increase the number of visits through the introduction to natural toursim. One of them is Temas Tourism Village, located in the village Temas with the main potential are organic farming and outbound. So it takes media effeciently addressed to children and parents to know the existence of natural tourism. visual identity can be used to alert the target of Temas Tourism Village. To overcome this study, researchers used a method of collecting data through observation, library research, interview relecant sources and methods of documentation the perform the tows analysis method and matrix analysis, so researchers can conduct visual identity design and its implementation using the creative concept of children behavior approach that are cheerful and dynamic. Implementation design used were poster, brochure, road direction, office supplies, name card, website, so with the design of this study will attract tourist to visit the natural tourism than artificial one.

Keywords: Natural tourism, Tourism Village, Visual identity