Tourism Guidebook As A Media Information of Padang and Bukittinggi West Sumatra


  • Nadya Faiha Telkom University
  • Maria Apsari Sugiat Telkom university


Tourism is on of sectors that has great potential to developing income. Indonesian tourism industry growth in 7.2% which higher than the average growth of world tourism in 4.7%. In tourism development of information media played a role in introducing and providing information to tourist. Information media like guidebook is one of media that can be use by travelers in planning trip or seeking information about place to be visited. West Sumatra is one of province in Indonesia that have a lot of tourism. Padang and Bukitting are two major cities in West Sumatra that have many potential of tourism that support by government can be access trough social media and website but the information is incomplete. The purpose of this research is design a tourism guidebook of West Sumatra especially Padang and Bukitting that can be inform with visually appealing and easy to read. In analyzing data and use method of the literature study, observation towards an object and interview to resource persons whi related and use comparison matrix analysis to books before as the basis for deisgn a tourism guide book. The result of this research contains of information about tourism and all information related to tourism in Padang and Bukittinggi with pratical and attractive illustration and becomes media information that can bu use by tourist when visiting West Sumatra.

Keywords : Tourism, Guide Book, West Sumatra