Build Brand Equity Through Product Placement In Film

Irwan Tarmawan


The brand is the label of a product into a marker and differentiator with other products thrown into the market. Brand equity is positioned to create brand awareness, build brand associations that can be perceived well by consumers, so it can increase brand loyalty to consumers. Applying brand equity through that communication, by using certain channels in order to get feedback and to be accepted by consumers. Product Placement becomes part of the narrative of the film, which visually that can affect the mindset of viewers. Communicating the brand by placing the product on a movie, is one way to enter the minds of viewers that are dissolved in the exposure of the film narrative. The study was conducted through a review of structuralism approach that dismantle the system and the relation of a social entity within the structure which has a variety of social phenomena. The film is not only present as a fictitious reality, but can serve to attract and establish new ways of history in its telling as facts, so as to give the values mob formed perspective on the world and life and instill the idea into a belief of values it contains.

Keyword: Brand Equity, Product Placement, Film.

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