Implementation Multimedia Learning Principles Into Pt Konimex Salesperson Training Modul


  • Andreas Rio Adriyanto Telkom University


Training activities by company’s Human Resources Division as objectives of improving employee’s knowledge and skills is fundamental part for strengthening the company competitiveness. PT Konimex salesperson training related to sales activities, product knowledge, and consumer knowledge. This training material is provided on the training modules that can be accessed online by employees internally. However, much of the material content in the form of a long article written in a powerpoint document that did not considering the visual and information aspect. Making it difficult for employees to understand the material.

Research methodology in data collection are observation, interviews with HR staff and literature studies. In conclusion, training materials for salesperson of PT Konimex requires multimedia-based training modules, that have the element of interactivity so the information can be delivered effectively.

Creative concept is using multimedia learning principles to creating these training modules. The combination of multimedia components i.e. picture, text, animation and audio make this training module effective in conveying information. Because multimedia uses two channels of human sensors (vision and hearing sensor), so the information provided can last in the long term memory. Focusing in the animation component simplify the situation illustration, so it is easier for employees to understand the situation.

Keywords : Training Module, Multimedia Components, Multimedia Learning.