Wind Translucent Block (Gedheg Brick): An Alternative Material With Green Architecture Concept In Optimizing Air Circulation In Wet Tropical Climate Building


  • Ahmad Nur Sheha Gunawan Telkom University
  • Wirania Swasty Telkom University
  • Eugenius Pradipto Gadjah Mada University


It is important to apply the principles of green architecture in contemporary architectural design today. This concept was held with concerns about energy consumption in buildings, in particular, the use of air-conditioning equipment for thermal comfort indoors. The cause of thermal discomfort in the room is the accumulation of hot air in the room which could not get out and replaced by fresh air. The principle of cross-ventilation is a cheap solution and can be applied in creating an air conditioning system through natural openings. A proper opening, not only will make a good airflow, but also induct the light into the room and make the room brighter. The use of alternative materials as media exposure to improve cross-ventilation is not easy to come by. Alternatives offered is the use of concrete blocks designed in such a way to become cross ventilation. The idea of translucent concrete blocks derived from the form of bamboo woven (gedheg); which can penetrate the wind. The cost of building woud be cheaper because it uses local materials easily accessible throughout.

Keywords: green architecture, cross ventilation, thermal, gedheg, wind translucent block