Signage Design for Nature Tourism Area


  • Nugraha Nur Isyraqi Telkom University
  • Wirania Swastya Telkom University


Gunung salak Endah Tourism Area has interesting attractions with great potential. In addition to the potential and interesting attactions, tourism areas is still lacking in infrastructure and signange information like a rusty signage and improper placement. Therefore, signage design for Gunung Salah Endak Tourism Area is needed. In this study, the data collection methods used such as observation, interviews, compatison matrix analysis, and literature study. The purpose of designing this signage is to provide information for tourist realted to attractions amenities. This study found that the function should be priotized as an information medium. Material selection should be in accordance with the natural conditions of the tourism area. In designing signage, elements of the javanese hawk crested icon that servers to convey a message in accordance with the concept of reminding. It is expected that visitors would get the convenience of accessing the path attractions in the tourism area, and to provide a message to tourist that the javanese hawk is endemic in the tourism area of Gunung Salah Endah to be known and remembered in the tourist minds.

Keywords: Signage, Wayfinding, Tourism Area, Gunung Salak Endah