Paradox On Cosmos


  • Iqbal Prabawa Wiguna Telkom University


Old  cultures  used  monosingular  principle  as  a  harmony  opposition.  This  monosingular  or paradoxical  principle  is  what  attracts  Author  to  process  forms  with  harmony  or  arrangement  inspired  by nature’s  forms,  using  aforementioned  monosingular  pattern  as  the  approach  used  in  this  work.  In  ancient people or traditional society’s  mind, all  forms existing  in this  world come  from  “oppositional pairâ€. These forms are divided into macro cosmos and micro cosmos realms. Cosmology is a discipline studying macro cosmos and micro cosmos that helps in understanding human-nature relation as a whole spectrum of human- nature attachment. Paying  special  attention  to  speculative  and  imaginative  cosmology,  we  attempt  to  create  a  new  pattern  to bring back art and spirituality into modern science field. Today’s technological development we have allows us  to  spot  patterns  in  nature  and  universe.  Modern  science  and  technology  that  used  to  be  considered diminishing  religious  nature’s  mystery  now  once  again  heading  back  to  spirituality.  Forms  made  using symbols,  patterns  and  geometrical  shapes  representing  natural  arrangement  principle  that  is  monosingular. This is due to the fact that geometrical and circular forms as center point are considered as an old principle form that accentuates cosmic living, where symbols representing the intangible and unmeasured can be used as  means  of  communication  to  supernatural  or  spirit  world.  Furthermore,  representation  of  contemporary world that is technological is displayed using medium and work using electronic devices. 

Keywords: Paradox, Cosmology, Symbol, Pattern, Technology