Attractiveness In Indonesian Traditional Restaurant Display Kitchen Concept


  • Ryanty Derwentyana Nazhar UNIKOM Bandung


The purpose of people coming to a restaurant is not only to satisfy their appetite, but also hoping to have more experience that can be remembered and pleasurable. Many efforts have been attempted by culinary business man to achieve that idea, as an example is to give an attractiveness in form of facility. Display kitchen is one of initiative to improve restaurant attractiveness, as it will make a good atmospheric feeling insides the restaurant, and so further more it can be directly enjoyed by the visitor. This paperdiscusses about thecomparation of public perception betwen thetraditional restaurantdisplaykitchenthatuse traditionalconceptsand modern concept which have been developed their attractiveness. Surabicooking areais ascasestudiesinthis paper because it is one of Indonesian tradisional culinary which have interesting way how to cook and unique cooking equipment. Through the reseach, display kitchen with traditional and high attractiveness is perceived most positively in some aspects. Based on the result, a restaurantwithtraditionalatmospherewhich is created also withhigh level of attractiveness havea good perception bythe public. So the idea of applying display kitchen with traditional concept can be used for creatingcreativespaceand alsocan be used for showing Indonesian cultural identity, that has potential to support Indonesian culinary tourism.

Keywords: attractivenes, consumer perception,surabi display kitche, traditional culinary space