Research On Standard Components In Architecture For Flat And Landed House Associated With The Concept Of Eco House And Green Building


  • Doddy Friestya Asharsinyo Telkom University
  • Ully Irma Maulina Hanafiah Telkom University


Needed a solution based on planning and ecological (sustainable) to solve the common problems of development and housing settlements in Indonesia. Sustainable building is where in the planning, development, operation and maintenance in the aspect - the aspect of protecting, saving, reducing the use of natural resources, maintaining a good quality buildings and the quality of indoor air quality, and attention to the health of the occupants of which are based principles of sustainable development. A building can be called already implementing green building concept if managed through an evaluation process to gain recognition as a green building. In the evaluation benchmark assessments used are appropriate to the local conditions and the situation in Indonesia and establishing techniques that is implemented in Indonesia. Some of the principles used to base the preparation of the benchmark are: Simple (simplicity), and can be easy to implement (applicable), available technology (available technology), and using the assessment criteria based on local standards wherever possible.

Keywords : Sustainable, simplicity, applicable, available technology