Creativity of Kelom Geulis Artisans of Tasikmalaya


  • Asep Sufyan Muhakik Atamtajani Telkom University
  • Eki Juni Hartono Telkom University
  • Prafca Daniel Sadiva Telkom University


Our society is synonymous with the values and local knowledge of its inheritable.  The Product became one of the main characteristic of any existing individual companies is the inheritance of skill and the result of the creativity. Tasikmalaya Kawalu community still retains its values. When they work, when they express themselves into suata the work of creating a characteristic that is an indirectly has established himself in the work. Should the effort and socialization metivasi for retaining their identity. Things that we observe when  visiting  and  socializing  there  is  a  lack  of  young  people  who  continue  specializations.  The  younger generation tends to switch to jobs more instant. Kawalu society with patterns and habits to be able to compete with global markets and persistence characteristic can they love as one of the main segmentation potential to be  developed  further.  The  training  was  developed  several  methods  are  easy  to  apply  daily,  as  well  as  our efforts in realizing this method is not experiencing difficulties due to the average of the community already has enough skill provision in the training process. Thus, in the end we were trying to motivate them in some aspects from competitive strategy, strategy create forms, strategies made to the product structure. In the end, hopefully this study will be more helpful to any community where the craftsmen in order to further develop and more confident with the valuable expertise they have. 

Keywords: Creativity, Culture, The Artisans, Kelom Geulis Tasikmalaya.