Designing Motion Graphic Video As A Media Support to Wayang Information at The Wayang Museum Jakarta


  • Jheriesha Walidain Telkom University
  • Andreas Rio Adriyanto Telkom University


Wayang is an authentic Indonesian art performance inagurated offically by UNESCO as masterpiece of the oral and intangible herirage of humanity in 2003. Various kind and amound of wayang in Indonesia must need a media to collect and conserve no and then. Museum is one of the appropriate media to keep and preserve it. there are four museums of wayang in Indonesia, one of them is Wayang Museum in West Jakarta that have more than 6,000 collections. Information about the collecitions in the museum is limited yet in sercing informaiton about the collection of wayang at the Wayang Museum. The information is less efficient, therefore it is difficult for visitors to understant them. According to previous case above, through observation result, literature review, interview, and analysis, the author considers an informative media, such as audi visaul equipment used in this research to make the visitors understand easily about the information given in the Wayang Museum. The author choose motion graphic as supporting audio visual media in order to present the information briefly. This motion graphic will focus on one of the story from the Surakarta Wayang Purwa characters which is Batara Guru Character. Hopefully motion graphic design can help the visitors obtain the information precisely about wayang collection at Wayang Museum in Jakarta