Cultural Heritage Mediators: A Creative Approach In Historical Cities Of Southern Brazil


  • Douglas Emerson Deicke Heidtmann Junior Via Coronel Fernandes
  • Ana Claudia Chiarello Via Coronel Fernandes


The paper is the partial result of a recent initiative in the course of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of the State of Santa Catarina located in a historical town called Laguna and investigates the need for new and creative approaches between the institutional efforts and the local population, which is one of the biggest challenges for Heritage preservation. The research aims: developing the survey of the current situation of Heritage Preservation in the city, preparing a Registry for collection and systematization of information on the Heritage Preservation and demonstrate the application of new Cultural Heritage Education model based on the literature review and on the local population demands. The methods includes the literature review in international recommendations for interventions in historic cities, survey of historical buildings, employment of paper craft techniques for elaboration of educational games using building models in scale and development of videodocumentaries with local population made up of university students, primary school students and the elderly. The partial results demonstrated the different possibilities of creation of new approaches to heritage preservation, which are capable of bringing different public and turning the issue into a much more attractive way to all, mainly in Southern Brazil.
Keywords: Local Cultural, Heritage Building, Cultural Heritage Education, Papercraft, Building Information Modeling