The Use of Paperboard As Material for Solar Thermal Powered Oven


  • Dandi Yunidar Telkom University
  • Terbit Setya Pambudi Telkom University
  • Edwin Buuyung Telkom University


The need for cheap and abundant energy to support daily activities, especially the food processing as well as the phenomenon of paperboard material availability of waste products from consumptive lifestyle today, pose a potential that is very likely to be developed into a product. With the geographic condition of Indonesia which is in latitude near the equator where the sun is available all year round then this potential can be used to solve the problems above. By using the design method, this study tried to resolve the problems above  by  utilizing  the  existing  natural  potential.  The  purpose  of  this  study  was  to  design  a  product  in  the form of solar powered oven by utilizing the paperboard material as the base material for the product. This study  is  expected  to  be  one  of  the  reference  and  trigger  the  development  of  alternative  techniques  to  the problem  of  paper  paperboard  material  utilization  and  utilization  of  solar  heat  radiation  to  support  daily activities. 

Keywords: Oven, Solar, Paperboard